Application of one side Neodymium magnets for package industry

Application :  One side  Neodymium magnets for package industry

s we all know, naturally, permanent magnet has two poles: N and S. However, there are some occasions that need one-pole magnet, that is, magnetism only on one side of the magnets, or else, the magnetism on one side will disturb the other side  or damage the product, or useless to the product. 

Generally, there are no real such  permanent magnets  in the world with one side magnetization only , but we can wrap one side of the magnet by special treated galvanized steel, thus the magnetism of this side can be shielded and refracted to the other side, which make the magnetism concentrate on one side. it can save magnet cost in such way .

Just like the refraction of satellite dish to signals and torch dish to light, the effect of galvanized steel to magnetism is also the same, and mainly determined by the following three factors:

1.    Material: the types and thickness of the material, and the distance between magnet and the material have great influence to the refraction effect. Currently, there are no material can shield magnetism completely, and galvanized steel is a good choice. 

2.    Angle: according to the refraction theory, arc-shaped material has better effect rather than right-angled, thus the one-side magnet always consists of arc-shape steel and neodymium disc magnets.

3.    Space: commonly, if the torch dish wrap the bulb totally, the light will be damaged, thus there is a need of some space. So does the magnetism. 

Nowadays, one-side permanent magnet has been applied to various industries, like presswork of multiple packing box; leather product of luggage, phone case, and wallet, stationery of white board  and so on. 

The typical size of one side magnet will be : Dia8*2mm, Dia10*1mm,  Dia10*2mm, Dia12*1.5mm, Dia15*2mm, Dia25*3mm and so on.

 One side  Neodymium magnets for package industry

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