Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

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We developed Metal powder injection molding MIM production line at the experience of injection magnet and plastic  products. 

 Metal powder injection molding (MIM) is a kind of molding method in which the plasticized mixture of metal powder and its binder is injected into the mold. Firstly, the selected powder is mixed with the binder, then the mixture is granulated and then injected into the desired shape. After forming, the binder is removed, and then sintered to finished products. It is suitable for mass production of small, precision, complex three-dimensional shape and special performance requirements of metal parts. It is one of the most popular metal parts forming technologies in the world.

MIM Technology advantage

1 High design freedom- Compared with other metal forming methods, MIM can manufacture more complex parts. Basically, all the structures that can be realized by injection mold can be used in MIM

2 More material choices -Most metal materials can be used in MIM. Considering the economy, the main application materials include iron-based, nickel-based, copper-based, titanium-based metals or alloys. We are many processing with Iron-based material currently .

3 Excellent physical and chemical properties -Because the sintering density of MIM is very close to the theoretical density, the physical and chemical properties of MIM are also excellent, such as mechanical strength, which greatly surpasses the traditional powder metallurgy.

4 Good appearance The surface roughness (RA) of MIM sintered billets can reach 1 μ m, and the dazzling appearance effect can be obtained by various surface treatment methods.

5 Higher dimensional accuracyMIM can achieve a tolerance accuracy of ± 0.5% generally. With other processing methods, higher dimensional accuracy can be obtained.

6 Powerful and flexible mass production capacity  -MIM can flexibly adjust and rapidly increase the output, from hundreds of pieces a day to hundreds of thousands a day, and can respond quickly.

7 Environmental protection concept Raw material utilization rate is close to 100%, is a near net molding technology, can effectively avoid the waste of materials

MIM Suitable Metal Parts


2. Precision -the reference design for MIM net forming accuracy is usually ± 0.5% of the size)

3. Weight and size-MIM is especially suitable for parts weighing less than 100g, and less than 50g is the most economical application

4. Thinness -wall thickness less than 6 mm is most suitable for MIM

MIM Application Industry

3C industry 

Lock industry 

Watch and jewellery industry

Bags and accessories industry

Medical equipment industry

Machinery and equipment industry

Electric tools industry 

MIM Efficiency

20-30 days of mold cycle, 7days proofing cycle, 10-15 days of large cargo cycle.

MIM Manufacturing Facility

Injection molding machine , sintering furnace ,degreasing machine ,stamping and shaping machine

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