Radial Magnetized NdFeB Magnets

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Radial Magnetized Neodymium Magnets  (  Download datasheet of NdFeB radial magnets )

Radial Magnetized Neodymium Magnets  are developed successfully which is using the shaping method by new multipole radiation orientation, It greatly improve the performance of the motor.


  • comparison with the ring jointed by the segments
  • Motor performance:make motor power increases more than 15%
  • Processing technic:simple mechanism and good reliability, Simplify the assembly process, also reduces the assembly cost
  • Appearance precision:the higher precision,the good coaxiality and verticality
  • Tooling : each radial products will request customized mould and magnetization fixture separately.

Range of products:


Radial Ring Magnet
material grade
N35-N48, 35H-48H,33SH-45SH,33EH-38EH,30UH-40UH
outer diameter
inner diameter 
Min 10 mm
Min 1.5mm

Application field :

  • Magnetic gear , EPS Motor, Spindle motor for HDD  and Speed motor etc.

Typical Magnets: 

» NR18.8xd14.1x24.9 Sintered NdFeB magnets OD 4 poles Grade N35SH

» NR26.6*21.4*1.5mm Sintered NdFeB magnets radially magnetized OD 10 poles Grade N38SH

 » NRD28*22.8*5mm Neodymium magnets Inner Diametral 24 poles Grade 40SH

neo radial  magnets D40

 » NRD40*20*10mm N42 Sintered NdFeB radially magnetized OD-S ID-N

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