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The Super magnet co., Ltd is the professional magnetic material vendor in China. The corporation contain three factories and one main sales center, we own factory square 20000m2  with more than 250 employees. Our company is committed to creating first-class magnet manufacturer.

The assembly factory main products are plastic material, magnetic assembling with plastic parts and metal parts, We have the own mould design , mould processing , injection processing , assembly capability. We get the quality control system ISO9001:2015.

The injection factory main products are injection onbed magnets with NdFeB power or Ferrite power with PA, PPS binder, we have the strong capability to design mould and magnetizing fixture. . The injection magnets series including injection segment for micro motor , magnetic roller for printer , sensor magnet for automobile and home appliances, and injection magnetic rotor .  

The NdFeB factory main products are sintered NdFeB magnets with annual capacity of 1000 tons .We are able to mass production of N35-N52, N48H, N42SH, N40UH, N38EH for sintered NdFeB, including radial magnetization sintered NdFeB rings are also available .

As the essential magnetic material and system partner, our company offers highly experienced teams of engineers and support staff which are dedicated to delivering innovative technological solutions and services through a powerful combination of partnerships and expertise. We work for short the customer project developing period, reduce the cost and improve the product performance.

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