Design Capacity

Engineering Design
 Complex and high efficiency devices require sophisticated engineering tools and experienced engineering to achieve successful, commercially viable designs. Super Magnet has the expertise you depend on to complete projects on-time and within cost constraints. 
Applications Engineering
 Whether your company has sophisticated in-house magnetics design capabilities or a more modest facility, our Applications Engineers are ready to support your efforts through the entire product life cycle including: 

• Conceptualization 
• Initial design 
• Prototyping 
• Design optimization 
• Pre-Production trials 
• Validation testing support 
• Production issues 
• Cost reduction activities 
• Next generation designs 

Additional capabilities: 
• Magnetic field mapping 
• Magnetic properties testing 

Design Assistance

 Applications engineers at each of our manufacturing locations can assist you with your needs, such as: 
• Magnetic modeling: 2D, Radially symmetric, 3D, Temperature dependence. 
• Design relationships to your Hall sensor and application specifications. 
• Complete analysis includes studying the effects of the operate and release point of the Hall sensors compard to the magnetic output waveform:
  • Quadrature encoders 
  • Switches and latches 
  • Ratiometric / Linear Halls 
  • Pulse counters 
• Complex holding force calculations 
• Insert and overmolding designs 
• Manufacturability analysis 
• Measurement capability to verify design 
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