Application of Pneumatic cylinder Magnet

Application : Magnet for Pneumatic  cylinder  

It is essential to monitor the motion processes in pneumatic cylinders. The permanent magnet mounted on the piston inside the  Pneumatic cylinder . The Magnetic cylinder sensors contactlessly detect the piston position of the cylinders and give a switching signal  . 

Super Magnet Co., Ltd  Available  typical magnet ring for Pneumatic Cylinder :

Φ20  Cylinder   : D19.5*9.5*5mm 
Φ40  Cylinder   : D39.5*24*4mm
Φ50  Cylinder   : D49.5*32*4mm
Φ80  Cylinder   : D79.5*58*4mm
Φ100 Cylinder  : D99.5*78*4mm
Φ140 Cylinder  : D139.5*120*5mm
Φ200 Cylinder  : D199*185*5mm

Φ250 Cylinder  : D245*222*6mm

 Pneumatic  cylinder  Magnet

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