MST101010 Magnetic levitation kits

The best choice for Magnetic levitation educational toys, and permanent magnetic  suspension without electricity.

Product Name:  Magnetic levitation kits

Product part No.: MST101010

 Feature :

4Pcs  Magnet  NdFeB N52  block 10*10*10mm

1Pcs  Suspension piece 10*10*1mm

 Suspension height : 1-2mm

Package type: Black kraft paper box

Package Size:  50*50*40mm

 Instruction :

1、Please keep the strong magnet away from Iron metal, magnetic card,watch  Etc., It may destroy these items.

2、Please don’t  disassembly  the magnet  sets, otherwise it cann’t be  suspension.

3、The product is fragile , please  handle gently  and mind your hand .

4、Suspension piece is expensive and light , please keep it properly

Products Image :

Magnetic levitation kits for educational 101010

Video :

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