AC30x10x13-64P+62P Duel Multi-pole Ring Magnets/Magnetic target

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Detailed Product Description:

Product Name: AC30x10x13-64P+62P Duel Multi-pole Ring Magnets/Magnetic target

Product Part No.: AC30x10x13-64P+62P


Material: Compression Bonded NdFeB Magnets

Coating : Epoxy

Product Size: OD30mm , ID10mm, height 13mm 

Magnet Shape: Ring ,Tube  

Magnetization: double track-inner 62 poles( master 32 pole pairs),   , outer 64 poles (nonius 31 pole pairs)

Maximum Operation Temperature: 150 °C

Origin:Shenzhen, China

Original Manufacturer: Super Magnet Co.,Ltd

The dual multi-pole ring magnet can be used with a matrix of Hall effect dual output switches and latches to provide all of the required information . Ring Magnet Speed Sensing for Electronic Power Steering ,Automotive EPS and Industrial machinery .

Applications: Magnetic target for Magnetic Encode ,Speed sensor magnets, Location sensor magnets,  Motors, Rotor , Generator, Package,Sensors, Holding systems.

Products Image :

double track magnetic ring

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