Topological charge analysis of ultrafast single skyrmion creation 2016-06-14

Magnetic skyrmions are topologically nontrivial spin textures of potential interest for future information storage applications, and for such purposes, the control and understanding of single skyrmion creation is required. A scheme is analyzed to create single Néel-type and Bloch-type skyrmions in helimagnetic thin films utilizing the dynamical excitations induced by the Oersted field and the spin transfer torque given by a vertically injected spin-polarized current. A topological charge analysis using a lattice version of the topological charge provides insight into the locally triggered transition from a trivial to a nontrivial topological spin texture of the Néel or Bloch type skyrmion. The topological protection of the magnetic skyrmion is determined by the symmetric Heisenberg exchange energy. The critical switching current density is ∼107A/cm2, which decreases with the easy-plane type uniaxial anisotropy and thermal fluctuations. The in-plane spin polarization of the injected current performs better than out-of-plane polarization, and it provides ultrafast switching times (within 100 ps) and reliable switching outcomes.
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