IRD19.4*10*5mm Multipole ring injection magnets 16 poles

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Detailed Product Description:

Product Name: IRD19.4*10*5mm multipole ring injection magnets 16 poles

Product Part NO.: IRD19.4*10*5mm -16 poles


Material: Plastic bonded Ferrite magnets(injection magnets)

Magnet Shape: Ring

Magnet Size: OD 19.4mm, ID 10mm, T 5mm

Magnetization:  Axial 16 Poles  in one face 

This specification defines the dimensional and magnetic properties of a multipole magnetic ring for  sensor applications.


Origin: Shenzhen, China

Original Manufacturer:Super Magnet Co.,Ltd

Applications: Motors,Couplings,Sensors,Holding systems,Loudspeakers,microphones and much more.

Products Image :

IR 19.4*10*5mm Multipole ring  injection magnets 16 poles

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