AN235*31.8mm halbatch Neodymium magnets

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Detailed Product Description:

Product Name:  AN235*31.8mm  halbatch Neodymium  magnets

Product Part No.: AN235*31.8mm-halbatch magnets


Material: Sintered NdFeB magnet  and metal plate 

Magnet Size: R88.9xR41.27 *7.5°*25.4mm (*48PCS segments)

Metal Size: D235*6.35mm

Magnetization: halbatch array

A Halbach array is a special arrangement of permanent magnets that augments the magnetic field on one side of the array while cancelling the field to near zero on the other side.[1] This is achieved by having a spatially rotating pattern of magnetisation.

The field is twice as large on the side on which the flux is confined in the idealized case and no stray field is produced in such halbach array way.

Origin: Shenzhen, China

 Original Manufacturer: Super Magnet Co.,Ltd

Applications: DC Motors, Speed & Spindle &EPS motor, Couplings ,wind generator,Engine , pump , magnetic gear and much more.

Products Image :

AND235*31.8mm  halbatch Neodymium  magnets

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