50*50mm magnetic field viewer

Detailed Product Description:

Product Name:  50*50mm magnetic field viewer /film

Product Part No.: 50*50mm magnetic viewer

Product Size: 50*50mm


The magnetic field viewers are sometimes referred to as magnetic field detectors, magnetic field paper Magfilm,or magnetic field film. Viewing a magnetic field is quick and easy with this Magnetic Field Viewer .

Magfilm shows the location and direction of magnetic fields. The Magnetic Field Viewer is a translucent paper-like substance which makes magnetic fields visible. The thin green film is filled with millions of iron particles suspended in oil. This allows enough freedom for the particles to align with an externally applied magnetic field – thereby displacing the coloured fluid and causing a colour change at the surface of the film. A magnet will attract the particles to the areas where the magnet is the strongest, at its poles. When held near a magnet, the viewer appears dark green in regions where the field is perpendicular to the card and light green where the field is parallel to the card.
These viewers have been used in classrooms to explore the magnetic field near a variety of magnets as well as near wire loops. The effect is interesting when you have lots of magnets orientated in different directions.

Origin: Shenzhen, China

Original Manufacturer: Super Magnet Co.,Ltd

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50*50mm magnetic field viewer -film

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