Application of Micro Magnets for Watch parts

Application :Micro magnets for watch Magnets 

  Download of Datasheet for Micro magnets/tiny size magnets

Super Magnet Co., Ltd micro magnets is high precison , good consistency and stable magnetic property .

Micro Magnets used for special application such as micro motor, watch movement parts, meter etc.


Block Shape :

Length:  0.5-3.0mm, Tolerance  ±0.005-±0.02mm

Width : 0.5-3.0mm, Tolerance  ±0.005-±0.02mm

Thickness:  0.5-3.0mm, Tolerance  ±0.005-±0.02mm


Cylinder Shape :

Diameter: φ0.2-φ2.0mm  Tolerance: ±0.005-±0.02mm

Thickness: 0.5-3.0mm  Tolerance: ±0.005-±0.02mm

 Micro Magnets for Watch parts

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