Application of rotary encode magnet

Application : magnet for  rotary  encode 

Encode magnetic rings  is a type of plastic ferrite magnet. The plastic ferrite magnet will be  magnetised with  1 mm , 2 mm,3mm pole pitch which form an incremental magnetic pattern.

The magnetic incremental rings bring reliable solutions to tough, hard-working applications including spindles, lathes, other machine tool applications.

Super Magnet Co.,Ltd  can provide the customized size encode magnets  according to client specific requirement .

Typical Encode Magnet Ring Size :

Ring Magnet
Assembly with steel base
Magnetizing Magnet
 Surface Field
Steel Base
Surface Field
Φ205.6×Φ193.6×4H Φ205.6×Φ160×10H OD 326 poles 270Gs 160GS
φ152.1×φ140.1×4H  φ152.7×φ125×10H  OD 242 poles 280Gs 160GS
 φ152.1×φ140.1×4H  φ152.7×φ125×10H with hole
φ101.1×φ89.1×4H  φ101.7×φ82×10H  OD 162 Poles 300Gs 120Gs
φ101.1×φ93.1×4H φ101.7×φ82×10H with hole
φ76.9×φ66.9×4H φ77.5×φ60×10H OD 124 Poles 300Gs 180Gs
φ63×φ51×4H φ63.6×φ40×10H OD 102 Poles 270Gs 180Gs
φ50.2×φ44×4H φ50.8×φ30×10H OD 82 Poles 225Gs 100Gs
φ41.1×φ31.1×10H φ41.7×φ20×16H OD 64+3 Poles 260Gs 130Gs
φ38.7×φ30.7×4H φ39.25×φ20×12H OD 64 Poles 250Gs 120Gs
φ38.7×φ30.7×4H φ39.25×φ23×12H
φ42.5×φ38.5×1.5H  None Axial 44 poles 618Gs
φ32×φ24×1.5H  None Axial 128 poles 140Gs

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