Sensor Magnets

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Sensor Magnets

We developped magnetic solutions for the sensor / encoder market for many years. . The company's legacy of engineering expertise and customer awareness has created the most reliable and robust magnetic solutions for sensor / encoder technology.   We have experience to help you choose the suitable magnet for hall effect and reed switch applications  .

Encode Magnets

A magnetic encoder consists of a rotating gear and a magnetic pick-up that contains a permanent magnet and the hall effect sensing element . It include the linear encode and rotary encode serial . 


Multipole Magnets
Multipole ring magnets are custom solutions It is always used together with Hall sensor for speed ,postion sensor application .

The multipole magnet magnetizing on outdiameter , on inner diameter ,axial and double track can be available .

Reed switch magnets

The principle of Magnetic proximity switches is produce a magnetic field around the sensor through changed the position and polarity of trigger so that make the sensor working . We offer the wide range of magnets  as  magnetic trigger for reed switch. 

Typical Products:

AMS typical Encode Magnets 

AS5000-MD6H encode magnets

N35H D6*2.5mm AS5000_MD6H Encode Magnets for Rotary Position Sensors  

AS5000-MR20-44  D32*24*1.5mm Sensor Ring Magnet

IRD32*24*1.5mm- axial 44 poles AS5000-MR20-44 Sensor Ferrite Ring magnets

AS5000-MR10-128 magnets

CRD42.5*38.5*1.5mm-axial 128poles AS5000-MR10-128 Sensor Ring magnets

Multipole Ring Magnets

CRD12x9x11.5-OD24P bonded NdFeB magnets

» CRD12x4.4x5-OD8 poles Compression bonded neodymium magnets

» CRD20.08x15.8x27–OD12 poles Compression bonded neodymium magnets

compression bonded magnets

» CRD21.3x16x30–OD24 poles Compression bonded neodymium magnets

» IRD24.2* 8* 2.6mm  Multipole ring injection magnets 16 poles honeywell SS40AT/SS30AT

» IRD20.5*9*4mm Multipole ring injection sensor magnets 8 poles


» CRD22x18x6-36P Bonded Neodymium Magnets

Radial ring magnets

» CRD26x20x3 Bonded Neodymium Magnet Radial Magnetizing inner N /Outer S poles

» CRD31.7x26.65x27-OD4 poles Compression bonded neodymium magnets

» CRD40*30*1.5mm-OD16 poles poles compression bonded neodymium magnets

compresson bonded ndfeb magnets

 » CRD49x43.2x4-OD48 poles Compression bonded neodymium magnets

compression bonded ndfeb

» CRD58.5x51x1.5–A86 poles Compression bonded neodymium magnets

Multipole 2 poles / 4 poles/ 8 poles / 16poles/ 18poles/ 32 poles  sensor ring injection  magnets

» IRD55* 49* 9mm gearbox Multipole ring injection magnets 18 poles

» CRD71.9xD64.9x8.7-OD64P bonded NdFeB magnets

speedometer magnet

» ACD27x22x6-OD12P speedometer magnet plastic assembly

water flow magnets

» AI13x2x10-4P flow sensor magnets

AI18.4x2x10-8P flow sensor magnets

dual track magnetic ring

» AC30x10x13-64P+62P double track Compression Bonded Neodymium Magnet

MHL1S 30-20 encode magnet with index

» CD30-15x1-40P+3P Incremental magnetic encoder disc magnet 2mm pole pitch with index

» CD60-56x2-128P Bonded NdFeB magnets with index track

Reed switch Magnets

» LF19x3.2x3.2 Meder standex ALNICO500 Rectangular Magnets 4003004018

» LD2.5x12.7mm Meder standex ALNICO500 Magnets 4003004015

» LD7.6x27mm Meder standex ALNICO500 Magnets 4003004006

» LD4x19mm Meder standex ALNICO500 Magnets 4003004003

» LD6.35*31.75 ALNICO Honeywell 101MG3 Cylindrical magnets

» SF5.59*5.59*5.08 Honeywell 103MG8 bar rare earth magnets

peneumatic cylinder magnets» Application of Pneumatic Cylinder Magnet

encode magnet» Application of Rotary Encode magnet 

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